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In this busy life eating healthy food is quite important for us because our lifestyle of eating food drastically changed. This change is not a positive change the reason behind this is only that, nowadays the people love to eat food outside especially in restaurants, food cafe’s and even on the streets. Well, the food consumed by them in the restaurants and cafe’s are actually the processed foods whom we also known as junk foods. These foods are actually highly enriched in sugar and salt.

Moreover, if we talk about its nutritional value the junk food like pizza, burger and spring roll etc. consists more of carbohydrates and fats means low nutritional value. Additionally, obesity, heart diseases and diabetes are the commonly found in the person who consumed up more junk foods. As the ingestion of these foods basically leads to the immunity loose of the body that is why diabetes or other health problems occur to the person’s body.

  • So what’s its solution?

The solution of this problem is only eating healthy food means the person need to eat up wide variety of foods which consist of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. As the variety of foods that holds this nutritional value are our fruits, vegetables, pulses and dairy products.

However not only eating healthy food is important, but also eating at on time and regular eating of highly nutritional and variety of foods are also important.

  • Benefits of eating healthy food
  • Good physical and meant health.
  • Good for children body growth and development.
  • Makes you energetic and active whole day.
  • Makes your bones and muscles stronger.

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